The One and Only!

The double wide rotating rack.

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That's right, if you are looking for a wide rack you've come to the right place.

As a matter of fact we are the only place where you can find a wide design audio video rack.  The FATRAK is the only double wide rack on the market today.

This unit is built as uncompromising as our flagship model; the AVRAK.

Big, fat and strong.  Imagine how much gear you can organize into a tight space.while retaining easy access to all components and wires.

Using the same assembly format as our AVRAK, the FATRAK goes together quick and easy.

Utilize the same quick service for ordering and shipping and a complete array of optional shelves and pullouts to make the FATRAK one of the most versatile rack designs on the market today.

The standard FATRAK features 3/4" infinitely adjustable shelves, 1" tops and bottoms along with the highest true weight ratings in the industry.

Optional shelves can be easily added and removed and vertical rails can be easily trimmed if site measurements have changed unexpectedly.  Seven heavy-duty wire anchors are provided on the back of each shelf to secure your wiring. Check out the Installation Tips page for all our helpful hints.

Proudly made in Canada for the utmost quality control and fast turn around times.
Our proximity also means we provide quick solutions if ever a problem does occur.

Serious audio video racking by serious audio video experts.

We have done the planning so you can focus on what is important.

Innovative ideas and simple design.

Give FATRAK a spin today!

Specs and Pricing

Fatrak pull-out A/V rack
Minimum Rough Opening Maximum Component Clearance Shelves Weight Rating
FT24 24" x 37" x 18.75" 15..875" x 35.5" 3 300lbs. $1,158.50
FT30 30" x 37" x 18.75" 20.625" x 35.5" 4 300lbs. $1,322.90
FT36 36" x 37" x 18.75" 25" x 35.5" 5 400lbs. $1,580.50
FT42 42" x 37" x 18.75" 28.75" x 35.5" 6 500lbs. $1,818.20
FT48 48" x 37" x 18.75" 32.5" x 35.5" 7 500lbs. $1,982.60
Fatrak with Castor Base
Maximum Component Clearance Shelves Weight Rating
FT36-CB 25" x 35.5" 5 400lbs. $1,378.00
FT42-CB 28.75" x 35.5" 6 400lbs. $1,542.50
FT48-CB 32.5" x 35.5" 7 400lbs. $1,706.90