The original in and out rotating rack.

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Our company's flagship.

AVTRAK has been our sole focus in developing the best AV rack in the market to satisfy not only the individual that wanted the best match for the personal investment in AV gear they have collected, but a product that appeals to the professional custom integrator that installs and services the complex systems seen in the new wave of smart homes being built today.

Our top priority with the AVTRAK system is to design and develop a format for quick and easy assembly without sacrificing the incredible strength.

Our new standard racks now feature 3/4” infinitely adjustable shelves, 1” tops and bottoms along with the highest true weight ratings in the industry. Optional shelves can be easily added and removed and vertical rails can be easily trimmed if site measurements have changed unexpectedly. Four heavy-duty wire anchors are provided on the back of each shelf to secure your wiring. Check out the Installation Tips page for all our helpful hints.

The AVTRAK is as customizable as any other rack we offer.  Check below to review the parts available in customizing your audio video solution.

With the AVTRAK, we have been able to cut costs, increase efficiencies and product quality.
We have eliminated shipping damage and greatly reducing shipping times.

We have sped up order processing in the warehouse which means orders placed by end of day Tuesday will ship out that same week.  Shipping is extra but we have worked hard to negotiate the best possible rates with our carriers.

Proudly made in Canada for the utmost quality control and fast turn around times.
Our proximity also means we provide quick solutions if ever a problem does occur.

Serious audio video racking by serious audio video experts.

We have done the planning so you can focus on what is important.

Give AVTRAK a spin today!

Specs and Pricing

Avtrak pull-out and rotate rack system
Minimum Rough Opening Maximum Component Clearance Shelves Weight Rating
AT30 30" x 19.25" x 18.75" 20.625" x 17.75" 4 200lbs. $746.70
AT36 36" x 19.25" x 18.75" 25" x 17.75" 5 200lbs. $836.60
AT42 42" x 19.25" x 18.75" 29.75" x 17.75" 6 200lbs. $926.60
AT48 48" x 19.25" x 18.75" 34.5" x 17.75" 7 300lbs. $1,122.00
AT60 60" x 19.25" x 18.75" 44" x 17.75" 9 300lbs. $1,302.10
AT72 72" x 19.25" x 18.75" 53.5" x 17.75" 11 300lbs. $1,482.10